Jekaterina Mažara

Jekaterina Mažara, MA

PhD student in General Linguistics and project assistant (SNSF)

Tel.: +41 44 63 40225


Mechanisms of aspect acquisition in typologically diverse languages

Curriculum vitae

Sep 2006 – Jan 2008B.A. in Slavic Literature and Linguistics and English Literature and Linguistics, University of Zurich
Jan 2008 – Aug 2010M.A. in Slavic Linguistics and English Literature at the University of Zurich
Sep 2010 – Jul 2015Research and teaching assistant to Prof. Dr. Daniel Weiss at the Slavic Department, University of Zurich
Since Aug 2014Working towards a PhD in General Linguistics, specializing in Psycholinguistics, at the Insititute of Comparative Linguistics, University of Zurich

Project description

My dissertation project is part of the ACQDIV project (Acquisition processes in maximally diverse languages: min(d)ing the ambient language, P.I. Prof. Dr. Sabine Stoll) and is concerned with a cross-linguistic analysis of the acquisition of grammatical aspect. The main aim is to track patterns in child-directed speech and in the development of this category in children's speech production over time to identify potential universal learning mechanisms.
The main methodological emphasis lies on exploring new methods for quantitative analysis in longitudinal acquisition corpora.

Research interests

Psycholinguistics, language acquisition, aspect, pragmatics, grammaticalization