Q: Can I realize my PhD research project in the PhD program?

A: Yes, provided your dissertation has a linguistic subject and you are admitted to doctoral studies at the University of Zurich.

Q: What is the difference between the general doctorate and studies in the PhD program?

A: You must earn 30 ECTS points in the PhD program (cf. § 6 in the program regulations and paragraph 6 in the program guidelines), as opposed to 12 ECTS points in the general doctorate. Further differences are the fact that the PhD program offers courses in whose content and choice doctoral students are involved and the possibility to attend courses/lectures offered by cooperation partner universities. Moreover, PhD program students can apply for financial support for conferences, summer schools, and semesters abroad (i.e. attendance fees, travel expenses, accommodation), cf. § 8 in the program guidelines.

Q: Can I apply even if I am not a Swiss citizen?

A: Yes, provided you are admitted to doctoral studies at the University of Zurich. Further information.

Q: Do I apply directly for the program or do I first contact a particular professor?

A: First, you should find a professor who is willing to supervise your doctoral dissertation. Second, you have to enrol as a doctoral student at the Arts Faculty of the University of Zurich. In case you or your supervisor thinks that the PhD program is a good option for you, send us your application (cf. §§ 3.3 and 9 in the program guidelines).

Q: How concrete must my research project be at the moment of applying?

A: It would be advisable for you to know what you plan to do in your doctoral research before applying.

Q: What are the study fees for the PhD program?

A: There are no study fees in addition to the doctoral studies fees at the Arts Faculty of the University of Zurich.

Q: Can I finance my doctoral studies via a scholarship or a position as an assistant professor?

A: Ask your supervisor about your concrete options in this respect.

Q: What is the first step if I want to apply to the PhD program?

A: First you have to find at least one supervisor among the professors at the Arts Faculty of the University of Zurich and discuss your possible participation in the PhD program with him/her. Enrol as doctoral student at the University of Zurich and send your application to the program coordinator. Cf. § 9 in the program guidelines for further steps and the application guidelines (in German).

Q: Do I have to know German to participate in the PhD program?

A: No, knowledge of German is not necessary.

Q: Do I have to be fluent in English?

A: Yes, courses are often in held in English.

Q: Can I publish parts of my dissertation before the promotion?

A: Yes. It is okay to publish parts of your dissertation in, e.g., a journal. But keep in mind that there might be copyright problems in case you also want to publish your monograph in a publishing company.