Documents concerning PhD studies

[all in German]

  • Legal bases concerning doctoral studies (PVO 2009: see "Rechtsgrundlagen bis und mit Frühjahrssemester 2023")
  • PhD regulations of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zurich (PVO 2009)

Doctoral studies agreement (Doktoratsvereinbarung)

No later than 12 months after admission, you have to fill out the doctoral studies agreement (Doktoratsvereinbarung) with your doctoral committe and send a scan thereof to the Dean's Office (Studiendekanat). External members of your doctoral committee (if available) will be approved upon the examinations othe the agreement at the Studiendekanat.


The thesis can be a monographical or alternatively a cumulative dissertation. The latter consists of:
- at least 4 publications, thereof at least one publication with peer review
- a synopsis
The minimum of 4 publications is a formal requirement; quality and contents of the collection of articles has to be approved by the doctoral committee in any case. See also 7.2.2 of the guidelines of the program (in German).


In addition to writing your thesis you are required to complete some coursework to earn a total of 30 ECTS points. The curriculum consists of 26 ECTS points of specialist skills and 4 ECTS points of transferable skills:

Specialist skills 26 ECTS points
  Seminars/Reading Groups/Own initiatives not less than 4 ECTS points
  Colloquia not less than 8 ECTS points
  Workshops/Conferences/Summer Schools not less than 4 ECTS points
  Publications not less than 0 ECTS points (= optional)
Transferable skills 4 ECTS points
  Transferable skills of UZH 0-4 ECTS points  
  Transferable skills external/individual 0-4 ECTS points  
Total 30 ECTS points

For explanatory comments regarding the curriculum refer to the guidelines. For further questions contact Sascha Völlmin.